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Jobs fill your pocket, Adventures fill your soul….

-Jamie Lyn Beatty-

Are you ready for an adventure? Ceylon awaits....

Why Sri Lanka is not called Ceylon anymore
Does Culture, History, Archeology, and Arts & crafts interest you?

With more than 2500 years of written history, Sri Lanka has a vast collection of evidence to show its incomparable history including 8 UNESCO world heritage sites. With its rich culture, Sri Lanka will leave you in awe when you really get to know her better...

Visit Sri Lanka - safe to travel to Sri Lanka
How about clean sandy beaches, scenic waterfalls, wildlife safaris, perfect sunsets?

Sri Lanka has an abundance of natural beauty which makes it a perfect destination either if you want to spend a quiet, relaxing holiday on a warm, tropical beach, Or if you are looking for adventures like surfing, whale watching, wildlife safaris, going on hikes, and many more...

Stories from the wild

Sri Lanka owns a wealth of natural wildlife and forests which makes it an ideal place to go on safaris, or just to immerse in the beauty of nature.


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Kiri vehera- Polonnaruwa
Mura Gala- Polonnaruwa
Sacred Temple of the tooth in Kandy
Maduru Oya Reservoir