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Sri Lanka is an island that is beloved by many foreign travellers as one of their favorite travel destinations. Ranked as the top country to visit by Lonely Planet in 2019, Sri Lanka was in its prime in tourism when the world came to a pause due to the pandemic. 

Once the pandemic was over and the world was seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, Sri Lanka faced the biggest economic crisis in it’s history that affected immensely on Sri Lankan  people’s day to day lives.

In addition to that, as a result of the economic crisis, tourism industry faced inevitable challenges. Right now, a trip to Sri Lanka will not be as  smooth as it was before pandemic, but it will be more of an adventure.

Despite the challenges, Sri lanka still is one of the best tourist destinations without a doubt due to it’s long list of tourist attractions and uncomparable hospitality of the Sri Lankan people.

It is our mission to to bring you fascinating  information about this wonderful Island, introducing awesome tourist attractions, explaining the historical values, cultural beliefs, giving insights from a perspective of a Sri Lankan, and to discuss the challenges that a tourist can face and to find solutions together, that will help you as a tourist to enjoy your time in the best way possible, and have a pleasant and memorable experience in this paradise island.

Extraordinary Experiences that you can expect in Sri Lanka...

“Endless beaches, timeless ruins, welcoming people, oodles of elephants, rolling surf, cheap prices, fun trains, famous tea, and flavourful food.”

-Lonely Planet

“Whether you’re a family traveler or an adrenaline junkie, a wellness seeker or a foodie, in Sri Lanka you’ll find all the magic you’d expect from South Asia bundled into a resurgent, medium-sized island-nation that’s friendlier and – with improved tourism infrastructure and transportation – more accessible in 2019 than ever before.”

-According to Lonely Planet spokesperson Chris Zeiher

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Not only you’ll be able to find cool articles about Sri Lanka, here we provide you the opportunity to get a small taste of the experience that you can expect by visiting this wonderful island.

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