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You will find posts about the beautiful Sri Lankan beaches and national parks where you can go on safari to see elephants, leopards, and so much more.
Oh!  also about scenic train rides, mind-blowing hiking trails, and places where you can go just to relax and enjoy a stunning sunset.

Collage of photos from Ambuluwawa tower in Sri Lanka. In the middle there is a photo of the Ambuluwawa tower. Surrounding it are photos of the breathtaking view from the tower.

Ambuluwawa-Sri Lanka’s Burj Khalifa

Do you want to see the beauty of Sri Lanka from above the clouds? Are you ready to conquer your fear of heights? Or maybe unlock fears that you didn’t have. Ambuluwawa awaits you…

A collage of Best beaches to surf in Sri Lanka

The Best Beaches to Surf in Sri Lanka: Surf’s Up in Paradise

Sri Lanka, the pearl of the Indian Ocean, is not only famous for its lush landscapes, ancient temples, and vibrant culture but also for its increasingly popular surfing scene. With its warm waters, consistent swells, and a variety of waves catering to all skill levels, Sri Lanka is quickly becoming a top destination for surf enthusiasts. This blog post is about few of the Best Beaches in Sri Lanka for surfing.

Best beaches in Sri Lanka

the Best Beaches In Sri Lanka – Part 01

Being a small island in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka has been gifted with so many fantastic beaches all around the island, making it an ideal destination for your next beach holiday. Picking the best beach among them is difficult because each of them has something distinctively interesting and lovely about it. So, I’ll tell you about the most popular tourist beaches in Sri Lanka and what you can expect if you visit, so you can choose the beach that best suits your needs.

Wildlife in Sri Lanka

Wildlife in Sri Lanka: The Best place for Safari trips outside of Africa – Make your holiday experience a memory of a lifetime

Wildlife in Sri Lanka is so diverse that it allows visitors to witness both the largest land animal and the largest marine animal in one trip along with numerous wonderful animal and bird species.
Sri Lanka harbors some of the finest parks in South Asia where you can go on a safari and witness incredible wildlife in their natural habitats.
According to Forbes, Sri Lanka is The Best Safari destination outside of Africa – Forbes 2019

Ella Train Ride Sri Lanka

Ella train ride: The Most Scenic and Famous train ride in Sri Lanka

Kandy to Ella train ride is without a doubt the most scenic train journey in Sri Lanka, and definitely one of the most scenic train rides in the world.
It has managed to be included in the itinerary of almost every tourist who is planning to visit Sri Lanka, because the experience this train ride provides far overweighs the price of the ticket if compared with such a scenic train ride in Europe.