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Written on 15th August 2022

(Q) - Is it safe to visit Sri Lanka now? Are there protests?

(A) – Anyone who was aware of what was happening in Sri Lanka in the past few months will immediately ask themselves this question. 

The answer is Yes! Sri Lanka is safe to travel.

There are no mainstream protests currently in Sri Lanka. Recently, the primary protest campsite which was in Galle Face was dismantled by the protesters. So, there’s nothing to worry about social unrest. Sri Lanka is safe for visiting. And Sri Lankans are ready to welcome visitors with open arms and warm hearts.

(Q) - Will I have to wait in long queues to get fuel? How will the fuel shortage affect me?

(A) – If you saw the news about Sri Lanka recently, you must have seen long queues of vehicles waiting to refill their tanks. As a solution, the government has implemented a QR code system to reduce the queues. It has been really efficient, and the long queues are no longer there.

And even when there were queues, the vehicles carrying foreign tourists were allowed to bypass the queue and refuel by showing their passport to the police officer who was in charge of controlling the queue. So, you guys really don’t have to worry about waiting in queues. Sri Lankans always put their guests before them. It’s a sign of their incredible hospitality.

You must be thinking, what about public transport? Are the buses working? 

Yes! Public transportation is recovering rapidly. 80-90% of Buses are working as I am writing this article. So, the public transport will be fully functional in no time. But, until then, you might encounter buses that are a little bit crowded than usual.

Also, the shops that were closed during the peak of the fuel and economic crisis are back on business now. So, you won’t have any problems with shopping for food, groceries, clothes etc.

(Q) - Are power cuts still going on?

(A) – For approximately an hour per day. Not longer than that.

The previous lengthy power outages have disappeared. Since Sri Lanka is still getting back on its feet, there are short (about 1 hour), scheduled, daily power cuts. You can check the schedule using this link.

Since the power cuts are planned, you have the chance to charge your devices prior to the power cut.

It’s better to have your power bank charged at all times, just in case.

(Q) - Is Sri Lanka still affordable after the economic crisis?

(A) – Yes it is. 

Since the US Dollar has a higher worth in Sri Lankan Rupees than before ($1=360LKR), you will hear larger numbers for ticket and taxi fares and other costs in Sri Lankan Rupees. But if you convert the price to US Dollars, you will see it’s the same amount in US Dollars as it was before the economic collapse. So, don’t be disappointed by the big numbers. For tourists, Sri Lanka is still one of the most economically profitable choices in the tourism industry, with extremely affordable prices.

This post’s aim was to relieve some uncertainties you might be experiencing when you consider Sri Lanka as your upcoming getaway destination. As you all know, Sri Lanka is recovering from an unprecedented economic crisis. It definitely has affected the day-to-day life of the Sri Lankan. 

But for tourists, Sri Lanka remains one of the greatest options because Sri Lanka still has everything that made it The Top Country to visit in 2019 by Lonely planet. All the amazing tourist attractions, kind and welcoming people, affordable prices and so much more. Sure, the economic crisis has added some challenges to the tourism industry. But those challenges will just make your journey more exciting and memorable. Check out our insightful article about  “7+ reasons why Sri Lanka is still one of the best travel destinations despite the economic crisis” to know more about what Sri Lanka has to offer.

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Thank you so much for reading this article.

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  1. This article is really useful and really genuine,out of many articles I read this article speaks about the real situation happening in Sri Lanka right now and how to get through it ,so it is very easy for tourists to visit the country. I really advice tourist to read this article before visiting SL.

  2. Thats so great to know about situation now in Sri Lanka. Cant wait to try apple wood and all other fruits thereeee 🔥🔥

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